NOVEMBER 10 - 12, Adelaide South Australia


Keynote Speaker #1
Mr Fred Heather IEEE Founder of GEMCCON
Title:  I have 25 can I get 10.

Abstract:  25 nm is used in many aircraft situations for safe separation of the aircraft from storms with lightning.  However, the users want to fly at 10 nm and greater.   When looking into the background of where the 25 nm range come from there is very little technical support other than it has been the range used by most aircraft.  The objective of this keynote address is to dive into the background and come out with the technical support for 25 nm.   The discussion will go into the Lighting storms, their characteristics and lightning events.    Next we will look at the limited documented lighting strike data as a function of distance from storms.  Then review standards and procedures used for lightning strike avoidance in various other applications.  Finally bring the facts together to support the 25 nm range.  I have 25 and no you cannot get 10!

Fred Heather is the Working Group Chair of the PAR-1688; Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Replaceable Electronic Modules.  He is a member of the IEEE Standards Committee and past member of the EMC Society Board of Directors.  He has been employed by the Naval Air Systems Command since 1977.    He is the committee chair for the GEMCCON Resource Committee under the EMCS BOD His current position is the government Lead for EEE on the F-35 Lighting II Aircraft.

Keynote Speaker #2
Mr Chris Burns, CEO Defence Teaming Centre  
Title: Defence Industry as a Fundamental Input to Military Capability
Abstract: During his presentation Chris will put the case that defence industry is a critical enabler to Defence capability and our national security. While focussing on South Australia’s defence industry he will draw on historical examples to demonstrate the importance of a nation maintaining a viable advanced manufacturing capacity. Chris will highlight the breadth and diversity of our indigenous defence industry and the critical role it plays in assuring the integrity of Australia’s sovereignty. Finally, he will proposition that defence industry must be a consideration in the strategic planning for our nation’s defence.


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